Hi, I'm JP.

You probably already figured that out, huh?
I’m just some dork from the internet. Here you'll find random musings about my experiences in 3D printing, homelab as a hobby, and other stuff.
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Building a Dedicated Valheim Server on Ubuntu Server 20.04

In the last couple of weeks Valheim has been growing in popularity at a rapid pace, and a few folks at work and myself definitely jumped on the viking themed bandwagon. I decided to spin up a quick VM on my home server to create a dedicated server. While doing it I noticed there isn't a ton of great documentation on the way I did it, so I figured why not do it myself.

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Creating a Publii Site on Digital Ocean

Since I converted over to Publii from Wordpress recently, I figured now was a good time to do a quick little write up on how I went about it. It could be much more cheaply and easily done than what I did with most "simple hosting" providers, but for $6 per month I can use a simple Digital Ocean Droplet, with automated backups, which I can maintain full control of the system, so it's worth it to me.

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