Connect to PDQA Valheim Dedicated Server

This quick guide will show you how to connect to the PDQA Valheim dedicated server.

NOTE: Right now, the below "Adding to Steam Servers List" method doesn't technically work. Due to some server changes from Iron Gate, dedicated private servers don't use Steam's back-end at all. Hopefully future updates will fix it, so the instructions are left for now.

Getting Setup

Connecting in Game

In game, you can now join a server by entering the IP of a server or the host name. It doesn't appear to save this so you'd need to enter this every time. That said, it's quite easy to connect quickly.

Open the game, create or select a character, and click START. It will let you create or join a local world on the Start Game tab, but we want to use the Join Game tab to connect to a remote world. From there, click the Join IP button. Enter It will prompt you for a password, provided below.

Adding to Steam Servers List

For a more permanent solution, we'll need to add the Valheim server to our Steam favorite servers list. On the very top of the Steam window, select View in the menu, and then select Servers.

Steam -> View -> Servers

In the window that opens, select the Favorites tab. If you've Favorited servers in games you play via Steam there may be a lot of servers listed here. I cleared mine out to reduce confusion for the sake of this document, but you can use the CHANGE FILTERS button on the bottom right to filter for specific games in the future. For now we're just adding another by clicking the ADD A SERVER button on the bottom right.

Favorites -> Add a Server

In the new window that opens, you'll want to enter the following then click ADD THIS ADDRESS TO FAVO... (This information may change at a later date, but for now this is the address.)

Enter server info

Once added you'll be returned to the second screenshot above. Steam will resolve the host name to my current public IP address. Since it's resolving it, if my IP address changes you'll need to re-add it, but the sub-domain provided here will always point to my home IP.


Simply double click the entry or select it and click connect on the bottom right and you'll be prompted for a password by Steam. This password can be anything, the actual password prompt will be in game.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Right now there is a bug with either Valheim's server code or Steam, where the list will show the server information for a moment then suddenly display <not responding>. This is sadly outside of my control to do anything about, but this is still the easiest way to connect. To work around the bug, simply hit refresh on the bottom and as quickly as you can double click the server entry. If you are prompted for a password, you'll be able to connect.

Entering the Password

When connecting, Valheim will load directly to the character select screen. Pick your character, then when Valheim itself starts to connect to the server it will prompt for the password. The password to connect to the server is PDQAVikingcraft.

Some early guidance

When you spawn into the world you'll be at the game's rune stones. This is where all new players to map spawn, and where we return to mount boss heads to progress the game. Each completed boss offers different buffs which you can use while out in the world.

Surrounding the rune stones are a number of buildings. To the west, along the lake, is a building with "VC" written out front. This is the Visitors Center. We store a lot of items here as a community location. Feel free to take what you need, and if you progress you can add more to it.

There is quite a bit of land on the island we're building, so you can build yourself a home. We are treating this village as the community base. Try not to take anything without asking if it's OK.

If you open the map there is a button on the bottom right to turn on player visibility. This lets other players see where you are on their map. Not required but we do suggest you turn it on, as it makes "who's house am I standing at?" questions much easier to answer.

The following is potentially a BIG spoiler!
If needed you can see our map's seed fully here:

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