New site

With the downfall of and other subsequent changes in my life it's time I pull the trigger on setting up a new site. I had planned on deploying a small VPS to roll my own VPN service for a while, figured I might as well roll a WordPress blog into it. Looks like everything's up and running now, too. Well, at least in terms of an initial setup.

I dunno what exactly I'm gonna end up doing with this. At minimum it'll be a landing page for Maybe I'll try to actually get posts up regularly. I've wanted a place to ramble on about things in long form for a long time but never committed to it. Doubt I will now, but hey, a man can dream.

If you're curious I'm using DigitalOcean for my VPS, OpenVPN for the VPN service, and a LEMP stack to run this WordPress blog.

This article was updated on 20/10/08 11:43:36