The New-New site

Well, this is certainly interesting.

After a few years of using Wordpress I'm kind of sick of it. It's great, just way more than I need for my personal site. Namely since I do stuff so rarely with it I just don't see the point of having a full fledged CMS.

So I'm trying something new: Publii. It's a lot easier to setup than I was expected. I just installed the Publii desktop client and I'm already basically done? I've imported my old WP data, setup a local VM to test the server upload with, changed a few pages to correct the links, hidden a bunch of old data so it's not clogging up the new site... and it looks decent? Neat, quick, tidy. Gotta love it.

This iteration I think will be a lot simpler. I want to use it more like my old page. Just a couple links to social media, and maybe the occasional "I'd like to talk about this" post. Mostly, the goal is to simplify my day-to-day with managing my servers. It used to be easy, but with my new homelab setup I'm logging into 8 devices just to run apt update; apt upgrade, along with running WP updates, Proxmox itself, etc.

I'd like to start taking some time to work on articles for some of the changes I've done this year, but I'd bet money that I do the same thing I've always done: Start it and never finish. But hey, at least I have place to put some stuff as I see fit without excessive hassle and have simplified my daily updating procedure.

This article was updated on 20/10/08 22:21:09