I worked in the video game industry since late 2012, and since mid 2014 I'd been "the office IT guy" in some capacity. In ~2020 I officially became a "Systems Administrator." In March 2023 I left the games industry to take a job as a Data Center Technician.

I'm a 3D printer owner, somewhat 3D model designer. I homelab, meaning I've got a ridiculous amount of computing power around my house for a bunch of silly reasons. I spend most of my free time doing those things or playing video games.

I also have a mostly well behaved, but sometimes incredibly loud, cat named Trixie. She's cute.

"How did Trixie get her name?" you may ask. That's what the shelter named her. I was going to name her Kara after Supergirl's alter ego, but when I was taking her home from the shelter we had to stop by another shelter to get her re-chipped, and in the morning she popped that one out, too. Figure she had a trick up her sleeve so the name stuck.

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