JayP-NAS 2.0 Series

2020 Update: This system was replaced, decommissioned, gutted, and partially reused as a pfSense router (an extremely over powered one but it was cheaper/easier than buying new hardware for it). I'm leaving this here because I linked out to some of these articles and whatnot in other places, so although those links are almost certainly dead you can still find it and check it out. I believe the hope is I'll write up something about the adventure of building out the replacement, but I never even finished this series and it's been months since I basically finished the replacement, longer since I started, and I doubt I'll really start it earnest.

I spent a pretty large chunk of cash on building a new home server, so I thought it was only fair that I also spend some time documenting the build and the decision process behind picking certain aspects. I've written it as a series of articles but I wanted to put it all together here in one place, too. Some parts are still being written so if it's not link it's not public yet.




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